Factory Site

Factory Site

K-SUN Factory site, located in Abbasabad Industrial park, with over 5000 sq. meter of production site was contructed in 2012, to proudly manufacture computer case, power supply unit, Keyboard and mouse. High-tech sections such as Molding, Plastic Injection, Press shop, Electrostatic automatic painting and coating line, Assembly and packaging line, along with engineering and quality management departments, are expertly cooperating with each other to produce high quality ICT products, and satisfy the customers inside the borders, and also overseas.
Now, we can proudly announce that SADATA brand, manufactured by K-SUN in Islamic republic of Iran, is one of the best-selling and well-known brands of Iran’s IT market, with a five-star aftersales service supporting customers 24/7.
SADATA is the only brand that manufacture PC case, Power supply unit, keyboard and mouse, 100 percent. Even the designs and prototyping are honorably done by Iranian engineers of K-SUN company.
With a successful background, K-SUN will expand SADATA products to other levels of quality and price in the market, so more satisfaction can be brought to the customers, and consequently more honor for K-SUN and local industry of Iran.

Plastic  Injection

Assembly Line


Electrostatic Painting and Coating Line

Press Shop